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Marty Johnson

The beginning of The Spice Project

Marty was a bartender, slinging drinks while charming patrons with his sarcastic humor and witty jokes... and then the pandemic hit. When his hours were cut, he knew he had to find a way to supplement his income. After hearing multiple friends and family members' cooking frustrations, now that restaurants were closing, he came up with an idea - Why not create a blend of spices that could turn anyone into a master chef, just by sprinkling it on their dish?

He started by experimenting with a few blends and bringing them in for his customers at the bar to try. Their rave reviews spurred him on to concoct more sensational seasonings and he left the bar scene behind entirely, to pursue his newfound dream of creating his empire with The Spice Project.

Since its start in 2020, The Spice Project has grown from one blend (his best-selling Rosemary Herb) to 24 flavors, all hand mixed to perfection.

What drives him? "I love seeing my customers become as excited about my product as I am. Hearing their reviews and seeing them come back for more gives me a rush and just makes me work harder."

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