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Seafood Combo Pack (3)

Seafood Combo Pack (3)

PriceFrom $17.99

This set includes the following Spice Project Seasonings:


Kraken's Revenge Spicy Seafood Blend (2.65/5.3 oz): In the deep, dark, depths of the ocean the Kraken sits waiting for its chance to get revenge on humankind. If we had known of its immense size, power and ability to hold a grudge we may not have delved so deep and disturbed its slumber. It’s too late now. Retaliation is the only course of action for this bad-tempered and spicy seafood seasoning! It’s all over but the destruction!


Lemon Pepper Herb (3.3/6.6 oz): This flavor is a twist on the classic Lemon Pepper seasoning that we have all enjoyed over the years. Blended with basil, parsley, oregano and more, it is an ideal addition to your cupboard and will bring all of your fish, chicken and even pork dishes to life!


Angler's Delight (2.35/4.7 oz): Whether you spend the day on the water waiting for dinner to bite the end of your line, or you prefer to have your fish served to you wrapped in brown paper from the butcher, this seafood spice was made with you in mind! This all-season spice pairs with all types of fish and seafood. Keep a bottle in your cupboard at home as well as with your fishing and grilling equipment!

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