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Grill Seasoning Gift Pack (5) with cutting board

Grill Seasoning Gift Pack (5) with cutting board

PriceFrom $54.99

This set includes the following Spice Project Seasonings with a Spice Project laser engraved bamboo cutting board (12" x 8"):


Ninja Dust Hot BBQ (2.3/4.6 oz): Swift and efficient, like a ninja from the shadows, this BBQ rub will take you by surprise and assassinate your taste buds with a bold burst of flavor! This already smoky recipe is perfect for grilling, baking, roasting and smoking! Balanced to work on both meat and vegetables, this bottle won't be hiding in back of your cupboard.


California Coffee Rub (2.9/5.8 oz): This dry California-style rub includes freshly ground coffee, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves and more! It is an excellent marinade for roasted chicken, grilled steaks or even venison! Coat generously and refrigerate for 24hrs before cooking for the best results!


Mystic Mayhem Blackened Seasoning (2.2/4.4 oz): An order of great wizards formed a circle around a roaring bon fire chanting an ancient spell of mayhem and madness. As the incantation was completed the flames spiraled high into the night sky and extinguished quickly.  All that was left behind was this perfect blend of herbs and spices. Try as a marinade or sprinkle as a final touch and bring some mayhem to your meals!


Spicy Jamaican Jerk (2.2/4.4 oz): This blend is one that I am most proud of and has turned out to be one of my best sellers! This Jamaican Jerk rub is a blend of 14 ingredients, perfectly balanced to bring out the best in all of them. It works beautifully as an overnight marinade, a dry rub or even as a final shake over your side dishes to really bring them to life!


Siren's Song Honey Habanero (2.45/4.9 oz): Named after the songs of seduction sung by the mythical Sirens, this spice is equal parts sensual, playful and dangerous. It will intoxicate you into a false sense of security... before showing you it’s true and vicious nature! Use sparingly to keep the heat to a minimum... or coat heavily if you dare!

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