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Grill Seasoning Gift Pack (3) with cutting board

Grill Seasoning Gift Pack (3) with cutting board

PriceFrom $39.99

This set includes the following Spice Project Seasonings with a Spice Project laser engraved bamboo cutting board (12" x 8"):


Naked Warrior Hamburger Seasoning (2.65/5.3 oz): Stripped down to the bare bones this staple of a seasoning mixed into ground burger meat will enhance the natural flavors. As a blend of paprika, brown sugar, cayenne and more, it will bring sweetness as well as spice to burgers and more! Hint: marinating your meat before you cook it will not leave you disappointed!


Montreal Steak Seasoning (2.65/5.3 oz): Although most Montreal Steak seasonings are course, I have found that a finely ground seasoning provides for a more even coating and consistent flavor for your finer cuts of beef. This recipe which includes paprika, coriander and dill provides a flavorful outer layer to compliment the natural flavors of your steak!


Brown Sugar Pork Rub (2.65/5.3 oz): I think the name says it all! This sweet and spicy mix is an ideal rub for all of your pork dishes! Either rub directly onto pork chops or mix into breadcrumbs for a crunchy alternative. Don’t only use it on pork! This rub adds the same sweet and spicy flavor to any chicken dish. Try it baked or grilled!

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