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Classic Flavor Combo Pack (3)

Classic Flavor Combo Pack (3)

PriceFrom $15.99

This set includes the following Spice Project Seasonings:


Naked Warrior Hamburger Seasoning (2.65/5.3 oz): Stripped down to the bare bones this staple of a seasoning mixed into ground burger meat will enhance the natural flavors. As a blend of paprika, brown sugar, cayenne and more, it will bring sweetness as well as spice to burgers and more! Hint: marinating your meat before you cook it will not leave you disappointed!


Taco Seasoning (1.95/3.9 oz): Whether you are making beef, chicken, or vegetarian dishes, the Taco Seasoning will add that savory spice that all good Tex-Mex meals are made of! Try this seasoning on tacos, nachos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas or make your own taco salads!


Lemon Pepper Herb (3.3/6.6 oz): This flavor is a twist on the classic Lemon Pepper seasoning that we have all enjoyed over the years. Blended with basil, parsley, oregano and more, it is an ideal addition to your cupboard and will bring all of your fish, chicken and even pork dishes to life!