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Steak Seasoning Combo Pack (3)

Steak Seasoning Combo Pack (3)

PriceFrom $18.99

This set includes the following Spice Project Seasonings:


Montreal Steak Seasoning (2.65/5.3 oz): Although most Montreal Steak seasonings are course, I have found that a finely ground seasoning provides for a more even coating and consistent flavor for your finer cuts of beef. This recipe which includes paprika, coriander and dill provides a flavorful outer layer to compliment the natural flavors of your steak!


California Coffee Rub (2.9/5.8 oz): This dry California-style rub includes freshly ground coffee, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves and more! It is an excellent marinade for roasted chicken, grilled steaks or even venison! Coat generously and refrigerate for 24hrs before cooking for the best results!


Rosemary Herb Blend (2.4/4.8 oz): This blend of spices and herbs (rosemary, basil, thyme and more) provides a light, but flavorful addition to any dish. Sprinkle as a final touch to your food or marinate your meats overnight! This is one of the more versatile seasonings in my collection so you will have trouble finding a dish that it doesn’t pair with.