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Chicken is a staple in most of our diets as it provides our bodies with high level of good quality protein, vitamin A, multiple B vitamins, iron, calcium and selenium, but also has low saturated fats that reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. As someone who eats chicken almost everyday, I will admit that it does tend to get boring and repetitive if not used to its full versatility. Baked chicken, rice and vegetables everyday will lose it excitement quick, but when seasoned correctly and cooked in various ways you'll find that you can use it almost every day and never repeat the same meal!


Cajun seasoned chicken breast cut into strips for a southwest salad makes a light, fresh and quick lunch and can even be prepared the day before and refrigerated. Boneless/skinless chicken thighs coated in Ninja Dust Hot BBQ, slow cooked and shredded for sandwiches will add some spice to your meal and is perfect when cooking for a large group of people. Mix our Brown Sugar Pork Rub into panko breadcrumbs and air fry breaded drumsticks for a sweet and crunch alternative!

Now think about how many different combinations of meals you can put together with all of my different seasonings, the different cuts of chicken and all the different ways of cooking and preparing them. I used 3 examples, but haven't even touched on grilling, smoking, frying, soups or sauces. The possibilities are truly endless! Below you'll find all of the different seasonings that I offer that have been proven to work well on chicken. Let your creativity flow!

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