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Although all of our dry rubs were made to coat your meats and fish, the seasonings and herb blends that we offer can be used on meat and vegetables! A meal just wouldn't be complete without that corn on the cob to go with your ribs, or that roasted asparagus next to your perfectly seasoned chicken. And of course we can't forget about our vegetarian and vegan friends who's diet is already limited.

Although I usually make myself a side of vegetables to go with my meals, I've spent some time (usually a couple of weeks at a time) only making vegetarian meals for myself and using my seasonings so that I would be able to make proper recommendations! A few of my favorite options that I've made so far include my Rosemary Herb Blend! It's balanced recipe goes well on almost any vegetable. I prefer to toss mine in a little oil first, sprinkle on the seasoning and then roast until golden. Add a little bit more heat to your vegetables with 3 different levels Cajun seasonings including our Mild Creole, Medium Cajun and Hot Voodoo!


I could make recommendations all day on what you could use all of these seasonings on and ways to cook them, but you wont fully understand until you try them for yourself! Below I've listed the seasonings that I found go best on vegetables. Try them out and be sure to send me the recipes that you come up with!

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