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There are so many different styles of seafood that its going to be difficult to try and group them all in the same category, but I'll just stick to the most popular. It is well known that there are many health benefits to eating different types of fish and shrimp as they contain Omega-3, a fatty acid which improves heart health and supports brain development, but some of us don't like the "fishy" taste and shy away from this entire category of food! Sometimes all it takes is a properly cooked and seasoned meal to open our eyes! 


One of my favorite meals to make at home is Mystic Mayhem blackened salmon! Baked or pan seared, there is no denying that the smoky, blackened fish makes a delicious and healthy meal that doesn't leave your taste buds disappointed. Although I prefer salmon, any fish will work! Another common seafood that is a regular meal on my table is shrimp, specifically Cajun seasoned! Whether I'm making spicy Cajun tacos or I'm just doing a quick meal with rice and veggies, its so quick and easy to season and cook shrimp that anybody can do it! If I'm feeling particularly adventurous, grilled swordfish steaks are a must have in the summertime! Coat in Angler's Delight and make sure to have some fresh lemon to really bring all of the flavors to life!

Many types of seafood have very particular tastes and textures and may need to be cooked or prepared a certain way so a little research might be necessary before trying out a new species, but the one thing that can be used across every species is a good quality, flavorful seasoning and we have plenty to choose from. Any of the options below are tried-and-true seasonings for many different types of seafood. Choose the ones that work best for you and enjoy!

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